La Vigne Rousse is situated in a typical vintners’ village of southern France. Among its 1400 inhabitants are a baker, a greengrocer-cum-butcher, a bar, a café-restaurant and an octogenarian beekeeper. There is also a boutique, a dentist, and there are two hairdressers and three general practitioners.
At the village cooperative as well as in several independent wineries you can sample the yield of the surrounding vineyards.
If you feel like taking in a film, there is the local cinema, which offers recent productions.
The village sports grounds include tennis courts, a football field and – of course! - a boulodrome.
There is a fishpond and the river Orbieu for the angler’s delight. The Orbieu winds its way through Ferrals, neatly cutting the village in two halves. The riverside invites you for a stroll, a picnic, a swim or a sunbath.
If you leave La Vigne Rousse by the stables, a back alley leads you straight into the vineyards. On foot or with one of the guest bicycles you can roam the countryside on its countless paved farmers’ roads. You will only encounter nature in all its splendour, and maybe the odd kindred spirit or a vintner. At the front door begins a signposted 10 miles’ walk which takes you to the most enchanting views of Ferrals.