All prices include the copious breakfast à la Française. For the La Vigne Rousse breakfast there is a € 10 supplement. Table d’hôtes (an informal dinner with the hosts) comes at € 30 per adult, 15 for children up to 11 years old, not including drinks. Both cellar and fridge harbour a wide range of refreshments for every purse and to everyone’s taste. We also offer light meals and gastronomic menus with equal pleasure and at matching prices.


Cinsault and Bourboulenc: € 75 for 1 person
€ 90 for 2 persons
Grenache en Carignan: € 85 for 1 person
€ 100 for 2 persons
Syrah: € 105 for 2 persons
€ 130 for 3 persons
€ 155 for 4 persons

All rooms are spacious enough to add a cradle or a cot. There is no charge for babies and children still sleeping in cots. House-trained dogs are welcome at 10 per night.

We are sorry we cannot allow short stays of 1 or 2 nights during school holidays.
Thanks for understanding.